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Combo Jank

This deck is a variation of an existing Naru Meha combo, hopefully an improvement


Core Combo:

This deck can achieve OTK with a number of combos, listed here

1. 3-drop and [[Samut, Tyrant Smasher]] on board, 4 open mana, [[Neoform]] and [[Expansion]] in hand: the traditional way of doing it - enable full control, pod 3-drop for undetermined 4-drop, cast [[Expansion]] on [[Neoform]], pull [[Naru Meha, Master Wizard]], copy the original [[Neoform]], pull [[Spark Double]] and copy Naru Meha, and the Spark Double will then copy the original [[Neoform]], allowing you to pull another [[Spark Double]]... Do this until you pulled out all [[Spark Double]] from your deck, and then use the last copy of [[Neoform]] to pull [[Tempest Caller]] to tap all blockers. You will be left with the original activation of [[Neoform]] at this point, which you can do what you want with, such as pulling [[Riverwise Augur]]. You now have up to 5 Naru Meha, all of which will have one or two +1/+1 counter on it, and each will buff all your wizards by +1/+1, with haste provided by Samut, dealing a potential 50+ damage (including the Augur).

In short, {{Neoform}}4+{{Expansion}} + {{Samut, Tyrant Smasher}} = A lot of unblockable damage.

Originally, this combo is somewhat unreliable, due to the fact that you need 3 combo pieces as well as a 3-drop. Good thing there are alternatives.

2. 3-drop and [[Prime Speaker Vannifar]] (without summoning sickness) on board, 4 mana of appropriate colors, [[Neoform]] and [[Expansion]] in hand: the process here is exactly the same, with a slight difference in the last step. Since you do not have Samut around to provide haste, you will need to pod your [[Riverwise Augur]] or [[Tempest Caller]] for [[Garna, the Bloodflame]] instead. The downside is that you will be missing the damage on your Vannifar and losing a 4-drop, and Garna doesn't hast herself, while the upside is Garna will return the two creatures you podded this turn to your hand, should you still need them.

3. 3-drop and [[Samut, Tyrant Smasher]] or [[Prime Speaker Vannifar]] (without summoning sickness), 6 open mana, [[Naru Meha, Master Wizard]] and [[Neoform]] in hand: same deal as before, but you will have to use Naru Meha as an Expansion.

4. 3-drop, two [[Neoform]] and one [[Expasion]], 6 open mana of right colors: same thing yet again, but use [[Neoform]] to pull [[Garna, the Bloodflame]] to obtain haste.


I am sure there are more varieties out of which you can stun your opponent with a sudden death.



If you've been paying attention, you will see that all the above variations require [[Neoform]], which is very unfortunate, since we may not draw one even with four in deck. You can experiment with [[Invent]] to tutor for the card, I opted to add two [[Augur of Bolas]] for better filtering. Still, when you are just that unlucky, the M20 elemental package can remedy the situation, by providing draws, blockers and pod fodders. In addition, [[Cloudkin Seer]] and [[Lightning Stormkin]] are both flying wizards.


Riverwise Augur:

{{Riverwise Augur}}

This card solves a very annoying problem that previous iterations of the deck encounters all the time. What if you draw a hand of [[Naru Meha]] and [[Spark Double]], or worse [[Garna, the Bloodflame]] (which you can't even cast)? The Augur can return them to deck, so you can pod them out of it instead of having them stuck in your hands. It is with this mechanic that you can reliably pull Garna for the haste effect.



This is a pretty wishy-washy combo deck that is very vulnerable to meta decks, removals and boardwipes. It is also still an experimental build that does not make use of possible additions such as [[Wizard's Lightning]] and [[Wizard's Retort]]. 


Change Notes:

- Removed [[Augur of Bolas]] due to low non-creature spell count.

- Removed [[Lightning Thunderkin]] to improve mana base (reduced red mana for the sole purpose of casting [[Explosion]].

- Removed all [[Samut, Tyrant Smasher]] due to her awkward mana cost and poor utility. 

- Added 4x [[Paradise Druid]] to secure ramp and defend against [[Teferi, Time Raveler]].

- Added [[Spell Pierce]] and [[Veil of Summer]] for preliminary testing, serving as the relatively vacant 1-drop slot.

- Added [[Zegana, Utopian Speaker]] as alternative for [[Tempest Caller]]. She is a wizard, and gives all Neoform creatures trample.

- Altered mana base, reduced red dual lands and added [[Island]] and [[Forest]] for easier early game casting.


With a good draw and no interference, the deck is capable of T4 OTK:

- T1: [[Llanowar Elf]]

- T2: [[Risen Reef]]

- T3: [[Prime Speaker Vannifar]]

- T4: [[Neoform]] + [[Expansion]] for OTK

The combo is still difficult, but much easier to pull off than the War of the Sparks version.


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Last Updated: 23 Aug 2019
Created: 23 Aug 2019
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