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Ok, largely straight forward. Ajani healing set with a White Angel healing set. The cards in here you might not see in most decks are [[Bishop of Wings]], [[Angel of Vitality]], [[Dawn of Hope]], [[Healing Grace]] and [[Field of Ruin]]. I love going heavier on the Angels as another way to get out of hand. A second overlapping win condition is fantastic and the Angels can become that for an Ajani deck.

{{Ajani's Pridemate}}

 [[Ajani's Pridemate]] and [[Resplendent Angel]] steal the show here. There are a ton of triggers to grow Pridemate, 8+ of them at 1 drop. Pair that with extra Pridemates from [[Ajani, Strength of the Pride]] and most of the deck giving you health and you have a snowball recipe.

{{Resplendent Angel}}

Don't sleep on Resplendent Angel, she can and will walk away with games. One drop into [[Bishop of Wings]] followed by our Angel and she rolling on turn three. Bishop helps to set her up but there are a ton of ways to trigger her. [[Angel of Vitality]] helps big time.

{{Angel of Vitality}}

When you're triggering tons of smaller life gains, why not add more? Helps to activate [[Resplendent Angel]] and get or keep itself a 4/4. [[Ajani's Welcome]], [[Bishop of Wings]] and particularily [[Resplendent Angel]] are all pretty damn great with this Angel.

{{Bishop of Wings}}

I kinda started playing this deck because I was sick of playing against a ton of Mono Red in the laddder. This guy summarizes that feeling pretty well. 1/4 is a pretty good stat line to keep alive. That much life gain helps to pull out of reach against Burn or Aggro decks and to get [[Resplendent Angel]] online. The Spirit tokens they generate are useful and add up quickly if you have multiple copies of Bishop.

{{Ajani, Strength of the Pride}}

Love this Guy. Have three in here right now but looking at playing a fourth.

Want more Pridemates? Sure, they're the heart and guts of the deck. Get Pridemates rolling as soon as possible. His charge ability isn't great but if it keeps him alive, why not. But.... Normally his third ability doesn't really see much use. Here it can and does, dropping him as a one-sided, jacked up Wrath of God is brutal.

{{Dawn of Hope}}

I have not yet got to play [[Dawn of Hope]] yet but I love the feel of it in here. Weird luck, thirty games in, and not once have I drawn it.

{{Healing Grace}}

Ok, [[Healing Grace]] is shit. Seriously in everything I've seen it in it is medicore or worse, but..... it has pulled a ton of Pridemates and Resplendent Angels out of the fire and lightning. Nobody plays around Healng Grace because nobody expects it. It works because it's Jank. Seriously

{{Field of Ruin}}

With so much Scapeshift everywhere in the meta the only question with how many of these to use as my colorless lands. I'd love to run 4 sometimes but making double white is too important. It sucks to get color hosed in a mono color deck.

I'm not running them now, but I have experimented with [[Revitalize]] and [[Law-Rune Enforcer]]. Neither was too shit, but they didn't find a home in this build.



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Love the idea, wish it worked out better than a tier 3 deck. I've tried playing versions of this deck every since Bishop was released and I just feel like I am not fast enough or get hosed by removal. So often I am sitting with an Angel of Vitality and 23 life with 2-3 cards in hand while my opponent is sitting there with 2-3 planewalkers or just a beefy amount of elementals or vampires.
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