Arena Standard - Graveyard Boners [v2 BO1]

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Yeah, it's another reanimator deck.  The focus on this one is consistency.  It's done me very well with a winrate of over 60%.  This deck has multiple answers to multiple threats in the current meta and just feasts in BO1.

So if you want a fun deck that is extremely consistant, please consider this.  Thanks for reading! :)


Stealing your opponents big threats with [[Agent of Treachery]] and using it against them, using [[Lotleth Giant]] to go face, or decking yourself with [[Jace, Wielder of Mysteries]] on the board.  


Early (T1-3):  Get creatures out.  1 or 2 is fine (avoid getting boardwiped).  Use [[Stitcher's Supplier]], [[Chart a Course]], and [[Tomebound Lich]] to populate your graveyard.  The Lich, in particular, is a great blocker and stalls out your opponent from going full aggro on you.  Always try to get 1-2 x/1 creatures out to help your [[Massacre Girl]] wipe if you come up against small aggro.  [[Tyrant's Scorn]] is good for spot removal in the early turns.

Mid (T4-5):  Use [[Blood for Bones]] and/or [[Connive // Concoct]] to reanimate your big boys as apporpirate. 

Usually that's going to be [[Agent of Treachery]] to take a big creature/planeswalker...but if you're feeling greedy, take their lands to handicap them out of a color.  If they have a bunch of creatures, set it up so that [[Massacre Girl
]] can wipe the board. 

Remember, [[Quasiduplicate]] is just plain evil when you target your [[Agent of Treachery]]!  And the discard payment for casting it from the graveyard is beneficial for us. 

Don't forget, if you cast [[Blood for Bones]] and sacrifice an [[Agent of Treachery]], you can select the sacrificed card as the reanimated card!

Late (T6+):  More often that not, opponents will fold when you've stolen all their good stuff.  But sometimes you'll need to re-animate your [[Lotleth Giant]] and maybe [[Quasiduplicate]] once or twice to really hammer in the damage. 

Sometimes opponents try to 'deck' me when I have 5 cards left in my library.  Little do they know that I can likely drop them down from 20 with a well timed pair of [[Lotleth Giant]].

[[Tyrant's Scorn]] is good here for picking up a creature you own at the end of an opponent's turn so you can recast it during your turn.

Really...just end it by casting [[Lotleth Giant]], smashing face, and reanimating/duplicating it for funsies.


To be honest, it's mostly there for fun.  Since [[Mastermind's Acquisition]] is there as a one of, it rarely comes into play.  I don't mind pitching it to a [[Chart a Course]] if it helps my overall goal early in the game. 


Feel free to populate it with whatever you think is clever.  Or replace it entirely if you don't want to bother.  Just put in a [[Fblthp, the Lost]] or something.


This is a really fun T1.5-T2.0 deck to play.  There's a certain thrill to casting a blind [[Connive // Concoct]] and hitting your taget (Agent or Girl).  I've played this deck for awhile and used to run some other cards that are common in Dimir reanimator decks, so I'll discuss notable exclusions:

[[Fblthp, the Lost]] I hated when I had one on the board and another in hand.  

[[Thought Erasure]] We already have too many 2 drops and counterspells aren't as common as they once were

[[Scholar of the Ages]] Good for late game, but we are looking to end games, not continue them

[[Augur of Bolas]] Feels bad when you miss any instant/sorceries and you see a card you want to reanimate and are forced to bottom it.

[[Wall of Lost Thoughts]] It's either this or [[Dusk Legion Zealot]] for a 2-drop.  It gets a ton of cards in the graveyard and it handles small aggro pretty well.  However it hurts [[Massacre Girl]] and runs into the same problem [[Stitcher's Supplier]] does, which is occasionally it mills our reanimation cards.  I've tried this deck with both and prefer the [[Dusk Legion Zealot]] just to make our deck heavier towards black than blue for the sake of the mana base.  But I'm not sure if it's the right call to be honest.


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@ruscabiass You are 100% right, you can only wish once. As I wrote, it's more of a 'cute' play than anything else. Though I did just win a long match with a Jace today. I'm not too worried about Mastermind being dead in the hand though, as we discard a lot in this deck and don't always have a Agent, Giant, or Girl to pitch. I'll always pitch the wish early (before Turn 4) if I need to. But drawing the wish if the game goes long (past T7) helps tremendously.
You are absolutely right, I tried some games and Kefnet was "slow". I also want now to remove the Scholar but at the same time I do not get one thing with your deck: once you use your Mastermind you cannot use it again. Am I wrong?
@ruscabiass - The issue I have with Kefnet is that on T4-5 you really want to be reanimating and Kefnet doesn't do anything the turn she comes into play. It's pretty crucial for this deck to be stealing by T4-5. If you can get an Agent out, your successive turns with Quasiduplicate or Blood for Bones on T5-6 is backbreaking for your opponent.

However, the few times I've stolen my opponent's T4 Kefnet and found a spell that I'd cast T5-6 were just hilarious!
Hello! I am using a similar deck (the one created by Mogwai) and I was trying to update it a bit.
What do you think about adding a Kefnet?
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