Historic - Amplifire Thud-Punch (Jund)

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Combo Jank

Beware, this deck contains true jank....

Good evening gamers!

It is time for the next tier 1 deck, just for you tonight I have an unbeatable deck. I personally guarantee that this deck will take you from iron elo to diamond/mythic/Global-Elite/challenger rank. In my extensive testing I achieved 100% win-rate and each and every game was not even close to being close, sparky will never be the same again. The best part of this deck is that every win ends with a [[Gravitic Punch]] straight to your opponents face, which can help with your crippling depression or anger management!

If you find that sacrifice is more your cup of tea, then grab the nearest living being, sacrifice it to whatever higher power you believe in and give your sworn enemy a good ol, [[Thud]]! By throwing the lifeless body directly at their face!

Sometimes it takes time to set up nefarious plans so just pay a bit of life force to amass a [[Dreadhorde Invasion]] that will buy you some of that precious time.


Ok... I could keep writing this dorky stuff but really I just want to be a little more serious. This decklist is so dumb, so janky, and so full of B.S.  But it is pretty fun to hit your opponent in the face for 32 damage on turn 5, so that's cool...

Clearly the core concept of this deck is to get [[Amplifire]] out on turn 4 then use [[Thud]] or [[Gravitic Punch]] to kill on turn 5. To speed things up, and enact this gameplan we have some cool support cards to play.

[[Scheming Symmetry]] is a very interesting card, and playing it always comes down to value. Does the value you get from your card of choice exceed the value of your opponent getting a card of theirs a turn earlier. That basically relegates [[Scheming Symmetry]] to decks that can either negate the downside (making your opponent mill the card), decks that don't care about what your opponent is doing, or decks that rely on 1 card in the deck. 

Our deck takes that 3rd instance to the extreme, we only have one [[Amplifire]] in the deck to guarantee hitting [[Impervious Greatwurm]] and [[Scheming Symmetry]] is here along with [[Mastermind's Acquisition]] to act as 8 copies of [[Amplifire]]. Keep in mind that fetching [[Amplifire]] with [[Mastermind's Acquisition]] means that you have a small chance to not hit [[Impervious Greatwurm]]. 

Speaking of the [[Impervious Greatwurm]] you can cut 1 from the deck but just remember that if you draw all of the [[Impervious Greatwurm]]s from your deck you lose so running 3 feels really good. [[Ghalta, Primal Hunger]] can also serve as a sub for the wurm but the max damage is only 24.

[[Bleeding Edge]] and [[Widespread Brutality]] are in the deck to support amass and to provide some form of removal, the amass package could be swapped out for whatever you want, I just personally like to have an excuse to us amass.

[[Kaya's Ghostform]] and [[Disentomb]] are in the deck to protect/revive [[Amplifire]]

Of the three planeswalkers [[Nissa, Who Shakes the World]] is not a key to playing the deck, she does however provide board presence, ramp, and an alternate win condition through her ult. One copy feels nice.

Both of the Viviens are pretty important cards that provide great utility, the first [[Vivien, Arkbow Ranger]] can use you amassed creatures to kill other creatures, but more importantly [[Vivien, Arkbow Ranger]] sets up an alternate win condition by giving [[Amplifire]] trample. The ranger also gives access to 3 more copies of [[Amplifire]]

If you have all of the combo pieces in your hand then a turn 3 [[Vivien, Champion of the Wilds]] is the best play, she allows you to flash out the [[Amplifire]] at the end of turn 4 to suprise your opponent and that flash mechanic is the main reason we use her.

Overall this deck is the ultimate example of jank, it is interesting, fun to play, and you never know if you can pull off the combo. When you do punch your opponent in the face just try to keep that dumb grin off of your face...

As always gamers have a great weekend, and enjoy life! 


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Last Updated: 14 Oct 2019
Created: 10 Aug 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (21 distinct)

Creature (4)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (24)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (8)

Sideboard - 15 cards (6 distinct)


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