Arena Standard - A real Ral reverberation OTK'ing deck

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Combo Jank

This deck is filled with OTK's and near OTK combo's.

The mainboard is core of the deck designed in the most resilient style i could build allowing for as much combo potentail as I could squeeze into it.

The maybe board is a list considerations for cards most player's may prefer over something in the mainboard, as people have differing playstyles. Some people prefer to ramp over playing an azcanta or lava coiling a target and get to a combo as fast as possible. Other's may like drawn from dreams over wilderness reclamation. As I am not you, adjust it to your preference.



The fastest you can OTK is on turn 4

Cast Growth Spiral on 2, Cast Ral on 4, Reclamation on 5, -2 ral, repeating reverberation, go to the endstep float a mana, untap, lightning strike.




Combo #1: Ye old ral infinite ping's:

Cast any instant/Sorcerry
Before that spell resolves, cast Expansion #1.
Before Expansion #1 resolves, cast Expansion #2 targeting Expansion #1.
Chain Expansion copies for forever while Ral pings your opponent to death for infinite damage.


Combo #2: The namesake of the deck: Ral Repeated reverberation:

-2 Ral

Cast Repeated Reverberation

Cast Lightning Strike or Skewer the Critics

Hit your opponents face with everything for 21 damage


Combo #3: Wilderness reclamation Explosion

-2 Ral, If you have 7 or more lands, use a Repeated reverberation

Set an endstep stop and go to your endstep

Tap all your lands, untap them w/ wilderness rec, repeat till Wilderness rec proc are done

Explosion your Opp's face for alot of damage


Combo #4: Finale of promise for 10:

^Do this and grab lighning stike and skewer for 18 damage. Usually used to close out game's VS incedental lifegain decks.

If you really need to, you can finale a Repeated reverberation, then cast a skewer/lightning strike FROM HAND copied 8 more times for 27 damage. 30 if the other card finale'd is a bolt.



Combo #5: Mirari reach

Play Mirari, grab back a Repeated reverberation

Next turn, grab a skewer

Next turn, play Repeated reverberation

Cast a skewer, it is copied 5 times for an easy 18 damage.


This is not everything the deck can do, just things that will usually appear as you play this deck out.


Have fun.


PS: Extreme janker's may add Thousand Year storm's.

PPS: The cards rotating out of this deck are Search for azcanta and Mirari's Conjecture, so it is mostly rotation proof.

Azcanta can easily be narset's or drawn from dreams. Mirari's Conjecture can be blue bonds, though it looses abit of it's useablilty in the 3rd chapter.


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Last Updated: 03 Aug 2019
Created: 31 Jul 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (19 distinct)

Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (32)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (4)

Maybeboard - 6 cards (6 distinct)


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