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Good day gamers! Today I have a mono red deck for post rotation. Back in Eldritch Moon there was a fun card named [[Thermo-Alchemist]] and I always enjoyed playing around with the mad genius. Well fast forward to M20 and it basically got reprinted with [[Electrostatic Field]], combine that with [[Chandra's Spitfire]] and we have a match made in heaven! This decklist is all about pushing face damage, but because of the interaction between the two title cards it can also play as a bit of a midrange deck. 

Lets begin by talking about the new [[Thermo-Alchemist]], [[Electrostatic Field]]. First thing about [[Electrostatic Field]] that pops to me is that huge health pool, four toughness means that you can soak up some hits in the early game and requires more specialized forms of removal. The passive ability of [[Electrostatic Field]] is really powerful when it is built around, one damage is not a lot but when we start to tack on one here and another there it adds up over time, most of the time [[Electrostatic Field]] will put up close to 7 or 8 points of damage by itself. That extra damage is really important in a burn style deck and when you consider the synergy with [[Electrostatic Field]]'s best friend then those tiny pings lead to huge damage numbers....
[[Chandra's Spitfire]] is a ridiculous card, with [[Electrostatic Field]] on the battlefield you are ready for a turn 4 lethal if they both stick, provided that you have 2 damage spells in your hand. E.G

[[Chandra's Spitfire]] = 13 damage (4 procs, 2 from [[Electrostatic Field]], 1 from [[Shock]], 1 from [[Skewer the Critics]])
[[Shock]] = 2 damage
[[Electrostatic Field]] = 2 damage

[[Skewer the Critics]] = 3 damage
 = 20 damage!

[[Chandra's Spitfire]] is a extremely high priority card and will probably be removed as soon as it hits the field but don't fear because this deck can win without ever touching that card...


Cards like [[Spear Spewer]] and [[Ember Hauler]] are vital to keeping this deck functioning, both provide alternate ways to trigger spectacle and provide key damage that will be the difference between winning and losing a game. [[Ember Hauler]] also can act as spot removal for small threats if that is the best play at the moment. Don't underestimate [[Spear Spewer]] as this little goblin's damage can rack up over the game, we don't care as much about the 1 damage as our opponents do and [[Spear Spewer]] can easily sneak in 4 or 5 damage for 1 mana that is great value in my books!

Time to talk spells, and we'll start with [[Chandra's Pyrohelix]]. 
[[Chandra's Pyrohelix]] is not a great card, but in this deck and with a lot of 1 toughness guys in the meta and plenty of planeswalkers that like to play risky at 1 loyalty [[Chandra's Pyrohelix]] gets the job done. and when you get [[Jaya, Venerated Firemage]] out then pyrohelix becomes a way better card.

Before you scoff at [[Gravitic Punch]] just remember that it can sneak a lot of damage around blockers if you have a strong [[Chandra's Spitfire]], it also can sit in exile until you need it so running 1 [[Gravitic Punch]] doesn't really hurt that much.
[[Light Up the Stage]] is [[Light Up the Stage]], this card is just dumb in any mono red aggro.
[[Precision Bolt]] is here to add some extra damage into the deck it isn't great but there are times where we don't really care about mana because it is the only card to use in our hand and in those instances the 3 mana cost is irrelevant, we only care that it says 3 damage and any target.
[[Repeated Reverberation]] is here to close the game, cast it with [[Shock]] or [[Skewer the Critics]] and it is basically like getting 2 cards out of 1, it could be cut but I like a little jank in my mono red.
[[Risk Factor]] Is very good with [[Electrostatic Field]], getting value off the initial cast makes whatever choice the opponent makes feel way better. If they take the damage then you just spent that 3 mana really well, and if the let you draw, then you still have the threat of casting your spectacle cards because of [[Electrostatic Field]]. 
[[Shock]] and [[Skewer the Critics]] = damage.


Finally [[Jaya, Venerated Firemage]] is a really powerful card in the grind matchups. [[Jaya, Venerated Firemage]] doubles all of your damage and turns cards like, [[Electrostatic Field]], [[Chandra's Pyrohelix]], and [[Spear Spewer]] into bigger threats than they are. The synergy with [[Electrostatic Field]] is especially juicy.

This mono red decklist is simply a glance into potential mono red decks in the post Dominaria era. From the playtests I feel like it has a strong mix between pure aggro and midrange. It can go face only and kill around turn 5 or it can play a more control style and wait to combo off with its powerful synergies.
All I can definitively say is that this deck wins games and is fun to play so with that gamers...
Good luck and enjoy your life!


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Last Updated: 14 Oct 2019
Created: 27 Jul 2019
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