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Blakeizen's Boros Fliers

White Weenies, but in the Sky.

Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the Saturday morning build for you! Check out the Deck Tech on YouTube: Boros Fliers. The video goes over the card choices and showcases the deck in action along side some game play commentary for those interested in picking it up. I was pretty stoked to play this new Flying Knight we got, and tried to find some interesting synergies with him! I present to you: Boros Weenies Fliers.

{{Skyknight Vanguard}}{{Sephara, Sky's Blade}}{{Loyal Pegasus}}

This week I wanted to explore the other big uncommon I was looking forward to from M20 spoilers: [[Skyknight Vanguard]]. This guy really stands out to me. He's a 1/2 Flier, but he also creates a 1/1 Soldier token tapped and attacking each time he attacks. This is a really cool ability on a low costed dude. The token stays around, so if you want to play [[Benalish Marshal]] by all means, go for it! There's a ton of synergies we can pull out of this card, the biggest one being from [[Histroy of Benalia]]. Read closely, that little 1/2 Flier is a Knight! 

We're taking a page out of the Azorious Fliers list to take a look at [[Sephara, Sky's Blade]]. This lady can be a bit stringent to cast, but is a really cool and fun card, so we're giving her a shot. My main problem with this card is the inability to draw it. Feelsbadman. She has a weird type of "Convoke" built into her, but has an extremely powerful effect tied to her, not to mention she's a 7/7 Flying, Lifelink. Turn 1 [[Loyal Pegasus]], Turn 2 [[Skyknight Vanguard]], Turn 3 [[Loyal Pegasus]] x2 could happen and allow you to cast her that turn. I considered playing [[Healer's Hawk]] to make this play more common, we really would just need 1 drop Fliers to help that play out so, if you prefer the Hawk over [[Skymarcher Aspirant]] that's a thing you can do. 

[[Loyal Pegasus]] is something not very many decks will ever even consider. He's a bit weak on his own, but strong with a friend. He is a Flying creature, and he's a 2/1 for 1 CMC. He's pretty agressively costed, and really helps us out with our [[Sephara, Sky's Blade]] gameplan. I like these kinds of High Risk / High Reward low drops as a player, so this guy definitely gets the love from me.

{{History of Benalia}}{{Skyknight Legionnaire}}{{Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice}}

You guys know what [[History of Benalia]] does. it helps fill our board for going wide, but in this deck, it gives us some of that sweet, sweet Knight synergy. If we have either our [[Skyknight Vanguard]] or [[Skyknight Legionnaire]] this will give those dudes the Knight bonus on the 3rd Lore counter. Pretty cool for pressuring your opponent 

[[Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice]] and [[Skyknight Legionnaire]] come down to give us that extra punch in the air, and both of the Skyknight duo give us that extra Aurelia synergy. Aurelia being such a huge threat on her own is a must have in a deck like this. Mentor, Flying, 2/5 defensively, 4/5 Vigilance / Trample most of the time Offensively, she's just a well rounded threat that an aggro deck loves to play. Our other Skyknight that we play has seen virtually 0 play on Ladder so I wanted to bring him in as well. He get's all the same Knight synergy as the previous Skyknight, but is a Haste creature instead of a Token generating machine. If you want to take the more typical White Weenie approach, cut this guy for [[Benalish Marshal]].


Sideboarding 101

[[Experimental Frenzy]] and  [[Fry]] come in versus all the Simic Cancer Flash lists running around. -3 [[Sephara, Sky's Blade]], -4 [[Conclave Tribunal]]

Find yourself against Vampires or other White Weenie builds? + 3 [[Flame Sweep]]. This card is almost just a one sided board clear for us. [[Baffling End]] is inredibly helpful here for hitting [[Benalish Marshal]] board states, and [[Knight of the Ebon Legion]] who may be starting to get strong. -2 [[Unbreakable Formation]] and -1 [[Sephara, Sky's Blade]].

Any control list? +3 [[Experimental Frenzy]], +1 [[Unbreakable Formation]] Your cuts here are pretty up in the air, I'd go -1 [[Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice]] and -3 [[Skyknight Legionnaire]]


This deck has plenty of different ways to be built. I wanted to explore what we could do with Fliers, but I didn't want to play full on Boros Angels. This is a budget take on a Boros Weenies list. Moving this deck closer to a standard WW variant will most likely make it stronger, but for now this is how I've been playing on Ladder. We have great sideboard options from playing red. [[Fry]] is such a good card, I'll play it as a 4-of every time I'm in Red. [[Experimental Frenzy]] in the side also gives us a ton of card advantage. Make sure you're playing around what gets countered in certain matchups. Bait something else out first.

And that was Boros Fliers! A typical, Boros Weenie aggro deck with tons of Evasion in the deck! If you have any questions about any of my lists, or even a list you're working on feel free to give me a shout. My discord has a lot of new players and we're always optimizing lists for Wild Card spending and the like. We're mostly "active" late night EST but a few of us are on throughout the day! 

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-4 Skymarcher Aspirant +4 Rustwing Falcon, -1 Resplendent Angel -1 Conclave Tribunal +2 Healer's Hawk to get more consistency out of Sephara.
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2019
Created: 20 Jul 2019
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