Arena Standard - Boros Feather** M20

32 22
16 18 3 23
Aggro Combo

July 23

Restored back to original build for prosperity and archiving. Will be working on new list. 

July 21

#400s so far after a few games. Finding out Switchblade isn't great. Made a move to add another Prophet.

Trying 22 lands again with 18 creatures.

UPDATE: Terrible day. Terrible. 95% Misplays, land floods so many times (and I have 22 lands). It happens though. It’s Magic.

Need to rethink some stuff perhaps.

UPDATE #2: ok, list above is new  not even keeping old list from yesterday (below). 6-2 with list above. We’ll see. Back to 99%.

July 20

Ok, had about 50-55% win rate. Not good. So, I switched things up quite a bit, and I think I have a deck that is suprising people in Best of One. I have added {{Chance for Glory}} and I can't tell you how many times I have won games with this card and surprised my opponent. I went 6-1 with this deck and now am in low 600s. You can use {{Gods Willing}} and all your other trciks in combination with {{Chance for Glory}}. Lot's of fun!

Also added {{Burning Prophet}} over Vanguard as I found myself needing to use the indestructible effect too much and draining my life total. PLUS, the Scry on Prophet is worth it to get past lands when you don't need them.

Also the 23 lands give us a much better chance at hitting our 3rd and 4th lands for Feather, which is crucial.

Also removed Gideon. Not sure if that's a good idea, but trying out {{Switchblade Vindicator}} and {{Legion Warboss} in that spot. They pair well together as Warboss Mentor's Switchblade.

Can't wait to play more tomorrow.

July 19

UPDATE: The deck above just easily won 7-0 in testing in Contructed Event. I am hoping I can climb back up the ladder tomorrow using this:

2 Sheltering Light (XLN) 35
2 Adanto Vanguard (XLN) 1
4 Reckless Rage (RIX) 110
4 Clifftop Retreat (DAR) 239
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
2 Legion Warboss (GRN) 109
4 Defiant Strike (WAR) 9
3 Gideon Blackblade (WAR) 13
4 Dreadhorde Arcanist (WAR) 125
4 Feather, the Redeemed (WAR) 197
4 Tenth District Legionnaire (WAR) 222
4 Gods Willing (M20) 19
4 Temple of Triumph (M20) 257
4 Shock (M20) 160
7 Plains (M20) 264
4 Mountain (M20) 276

Lots of board wipes all of a sudden. Switching out {{Healing Grace}} for {{Sheltering Light}} and trying 22 lands.

Ugh. 22 lands is just to friggin inconsistent. Going back to 23. Never going to 22.

Bad day. Back to 99%. Tried Simic Flash (again).

Tweaking deck again for tomorrow. Removing {{Tocatli Honor Guard}} as I am not seeing much {{Risen Reef}}. Going to try more {{Gideon Blackblade}}. Also removed {Tajic, Legion’s Edge}} and {{Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice}}. Lowering the curve.

Also trying {{Legion Warboss}}.

July 18

Got on a losing streak, then switched to Simic Flash, ended up in low 1000s. Switched back Feather and climbed back to #296 currently. I made some tweaks to the deck today to climb back: added 2x {{Healing Grace}} to help with some life gain, and really throws off the oponent and removed 1x {{Gideon Blackblade}} and the Sheltered Light.

July 17


July 16

After thinking I could make the deck better, and tweaking I fell back to 98% ($%#!@) - but went back to this OG deck to get climb back to #334.

Also, if you are thinking of going to 22 lands, don't. It's just too inconsistent and will drive you bonkers.

July 15

#174 now. Seeing more Risen Reef so swapped out a few cards for {{Tocatli Honor Guard}}.

July 14

Currently ranked #500 in Mythic. Only bad draws beat this deck if played right. Well almost lol. Been playing Best of One mostly. I haven't figured out the sideboard yet.

July 12

Broke through to Mythic in 2 days with this build from Platinum. Built for Bo1. Will be tweaking for Bo3 now that I am in Mythic.

Used a good Elemental Aggro deck to get from Gold to Platinum, but then it fell short, so I switched to this. 

I also like playing both those types of decks (along with Control) since they are more fun to play with all the decisions.


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No, I noticed that you used it in one of your builds, but the only thing I can think to take out for it is shock, though I guess I could use it instead of Adanto Vanguard. That puts me a bit lighter on creatures than I'd like. Healing Grace just seems too situational for mainboarding, but I was trying to find some other 2-drops that could replace Adanto Vanguard. I tried Swiftblade Vindicator for a while, might try again.

For now, I'm using the OG build, with the exception I mentioned before.
Thanks, CNCCocoa! Really appreciate it. I grinded many, many games with this list. I love the surprise factor of Chance!

I got burned out on Feather (as you can tell from the lack of posting) and switched to Vampires.

I’m on the edge of 1000 in Mythic and hoping I can break through before season ends.

Are you running any Healing Grace?
An amazing deck. Thanks for posting it. After how many wins I get with Chance for Glory, though, it's always going to be a part of the version of this deck that I use. One Gideon is what I'm cutting for it.
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2019
Created: 12 Jul 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (17 distinct)

Creature (16)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (18)
Land (23)
Planeswalker (3)

Maybeboard - 7 cards (7 distinct)


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