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This deck uses powerful (blue-)black removal spells to stall until lategame, where it starts looping spells and wins off infinite card advantage.

Early-Game Removals

{{Disfigure}} {{Legion's End}} {{Thought Erasure}}

Both [[Disfigure]] and [[Moment of Craving]] kill [[Adanto Vanguard]], a single creature in the format I hate. They also kill [[Risen Reef]] and some other new staples at instant speed. [[Disfigure]] does that for just 1 mana, while [[Moment of Craving]] provides extra lifegain against RDW - it's just a 1-of in maindeck, with some extra copies in the sideboard. [[Legion's End]] is just a 1-of due to its variance - it is sometimes very good (e.g. vs Tokens deck it destroys all tokens and vs Weenie it can just wipe the board and hand), sometimes exiles a single creature (not that good) and sometimes does nothing (e.g. vs control).

Card Advantage

{{Augur of Bolas}} {{Notion Rain}} {{Bond of Insight}}

[[Augur of Bolas]] is really good in the deck - with half of the cards being instants and sorceries, odds are pretty high that it will be a 1/3 that draws a nonland card for 2 mana, which is pretty good. Also stops aggro decks nicely. [[Notion Rain]] is just a solid draw spell - against most of the decks, life loss isn't a problem, and surveil also helps. But the main card of these is [[Bond of Insight]]. It can finish the opponent, power up [[Invade the City]] and draw whatever cards you need - other bonds, invasions, or perhaps a better removal spell (what do you want, a 3 mana exile creature in [[Ob Nixilis's Cruelty]], a 5 mana destroy creature + amass + lifegain in [[Enter the God-Eternals]], a 1-mana destroy small creature in [[Disfigure]], or something else?).


{{God-Eternal Kefnet}} {{Invade the City}}

When it comes to the closing the game, our main way is [[Invade the City]], which is a repeatable (with [[Bond of Insight]]), 3-mana spell that creates a 10/10 creature! Sounds pretty good. Even being a 3-mana 5/5 is a big deal, but this can become 10/10 pretty quickly. It's better than e.g. [[Enigma Drake]] and similar cards for two reasons. First, all drakes have 4 toughness, which means they die to damage removal easier (this can even stop [[Goblin Chainwhirler]] from attacking, drake can't). Second, our main card advantage engine is [[Bond of Insight]], and it could just mill drakes, whereas this could be restored with it. Losing flight is a big deal, but the upside is more important.

We also have a backup plan in [[God-Eternal Kefnet]]. It is a 4 mana 4/5 flyer that is hard to remove and it also repeats our spells. What about exiling two creatures for 4 mana with [[Ob Nixilis's Cruelty]] or exiling both [[Nexus of Fate]] and [[Teferi, Hero of Dominaria]] together for 5 mana with [[Unmoored Ego]]? With 30 spells in the deck, the odds are high its ability will rarely fizzle. Oh, and don't cast [[Augur of Bolas]] or [[Bond of Insight]] when he dies, because they can't return him from graveyard.

Other Stuff

{{Ral's Outburst}} {{Ob Nixilis's Cruelty}} {{Lazotep Plating}}

The rest of the deck are removal spells with upside: [[Ral's Outburst]] doesn't cost us a card, [[Ob Nixilis's Cruelty]] costs 1 mana when cast off Kefnet and exiles the creature, and [[Enter the God-Eternals]] heals us and creates a large army token. We also have a flexible protection spell in [[Lazotep Plating]], that allows us to counter [[Thought Erasure]] or [[Lightning Strike]] also returning a chumpblocker or attacker, depending on the matchup. Also can counter [[Enter the God-Eternals]] itself, when it targets you and your creature. Casting it in combat when your 5/5 army is blocked by [[Lyra Dawnbringer]] is also hilarious.



{{Unmoored Ego}} {{Thief of Sanity}} {{Narset, Parter of Veils}}

These cards help us in different matchups. Exiling opponent's [[Nexus of Fate]] or [[Ugin, the Ineffable]] is brutal in most cases. I bring them against greedy control (with one or two wincons in the deck), combo (nexus/flood of tears/etc) and sometimes even stuff like Dreadhorde.


{{Moment of Craving}} {{Cry of the Carnarium}} {{Widespread Brutality}}

These cards help us against aggro. We have two types of wrath, each of them having its upside: [[Cry of the Carnarium]] costing 3 mana and exiling cards with afterlife or similar effects (e.g. [[Tithe Taker]]) and [[Widespread Brutality]] creating us a token or becoming better later when we have an army on the battlefield. Oh, and it doesn't remove 1/1 or 2/2 armies created by other spells.


{{Price of Betrayal}}

This is our answer to superfriends. Sometimes we can just remove planeswalkers with army, Kefnet or [[Augur of Bolas]], other times this becomes a mostly 1-mana "Destroy target Planeswalker", which is pretty good. It is probably better in our deck than [[The Elderspell]] because we don't run planeswalkers. Removing stuff like [[Hydroid Krasis]] is just an icing on the cake.


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