Arena Standard - Cry Me a River OTK (M20)

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Ramp, Draw, Survive, Omniscience, Draw some more.


  • [[Llanowar Elves]], [[Paradise Druid]], and [[Gift of Paradise]] are the main permanents used for [[Flood of Tears]].
  • [[Flood of Tears]] is used to potential pull Omniscience out before turn 10. In a perfect world you could get [[Omniscience]] dropped as early as turn 3.
    • T1: Forest/[[Llanowar Elves]]
    • T2: Island/[[Llanowar Elves]] #2 +[[Paradise Druid]]
    • T3: [[Lanowar Elves]] + [[Flood of Tears]] = turn 3 [[Omniscience]]

However, this will rarely be the case as [[Lanowar Elves]] are easily removed. [[Paradise Druid]] and [[Gift of Paradise]] will more commonly be what you are using to kick out [[Omniscience]], if you can get it out early at all. Sometimes the ramp just gets you to 10 so quickly it is not needed.

  • [[Drawn from Dreams]] and [[Tamiyo's Epiphany]] allow you to search out your combos or search out your draw cards after dropping [[Omniscience]].
  • [[Wilderness Reclamation]] Allows us to use the above search cards followed by a [[Memorial to Genius]], [[Chemister’s Insight]], or [[Root Snare]] on the opponents next turn.
  • [[Root Snare]] and [[River’s Rebuke]] are your main defensive removal.


This deck is still a work in progress. Here are the main issues I am working out. Feel free to toss your input in a comment.

  • Looking at potentially removing a few defensive survival cards such as [[River's Rebuke]] or [[Root Snare]] in favor of a few more permanents or things that both heal and ramp or search just [[Gift of Paradise]] or [[Bond of Flourishing]]. It feels like cards heals and search or ramp is better against agroo, but the pure defensive stall cards are better against midrange and big drops.
  • Testing if [[Primal Amulet]] is worth the investment to retain value but may swap out for [[Immortal Sun]]. It seems like [[Immortal Sun]] is better. Its consistent draw might out value any double cast draw received from Primal Amulet. Primal Amulet allows for more control and prevents you from over drawing yourself before you have [[Reliquary Tower]]. Both have reduced spell cost, but [[Immortal Sun]]'s effects more. Also [[Immortal Sun]] stops their planeswalkers value but retaining ours (since we only need the passive not the active).
  • Looking into if a few counter spell cards would have value. Seem like only if [[Wilderness Reclamation]] is out, to stop an early [[Ashiok, Dream Render]] or protect a normal [[Omniscience]] removal. [[Devious Cover-Up]] could be nice to pull back things from the graveyard and stop the [[Omniscience]] removals if you can’t OTK.
  • Might add a [[Pyschic Corrosion]] in mainly deny enemies combos, and put a bit more pressure on them. Plus its another early permanent for [[Flood of Tears]].
  • Too much Ramp?

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Last Updated: 05 Jul 2019
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