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Hello everyone!

I'm new here and had to share you guys my multiple deck idea's 
I am quite the guy that like to theorycraft in most game I play(even more than playing the game itself). I'll propably share a lot in the near future some interesting idea's.

But for now I just go with the archetype that fit me the most and is quite simple: Mono blue control

If you are the kind of person that like actually playing the game and winning in tight matchups without trying to grind as fast as you can the ladder, this deck is for you!
Most games you'll win even if you have a decent win/lost will most likely feel like it was tight and exciting. (this is totaly normal as you have to reverse the game in your favor when it is not supposed to go well for you)  

The deck revolve around delaying the game as much as possible and then take the advantage with great value spells.

Here are the usual steps you have to take so you get an idea:

Cards such as [[Callous Dismissal]] and [[Blink of an Eye]] are your early treath and can also make value by making you draw or make a blocker that you can upgrade in some situation to turn it into a treath that they'll have to deal with and lose to a card/token trade in your advantage.

{{Callous Dismissal}}{{Blink of an Eye}}

When you reach the mid game (4th turn) you should be able to place [[God-Eternal Kefnet]] 

{{God-Eternal Kefnet}}

Then when all this is done this is where you start to shine. Turn 6 is where you play on your opponent turn and outsmart your opponent with all that good stuff ([[Commence the Endgame]], [[Mission Briefing]], [[Mass Manipulation]]...) paired with your boi God-Eternal Kefnet.

{{Commence the Endgame}}{{Mission Briefing}}{{Mass Manipulation}}{{God-Eternal Kefnet}}
{{Entrancing Melody}}

The sideboard should be full of artifacts since you'll get opportunities to steal karn in some matchup. I am still figuring out what's the best sideboard against deck that use Karn, The great creator. Ill update soon

-This deck is only for magic arena standard (best of 1)

Disclaimer: This deck is not competitive or doesn't really want to as there is way better options by going Izzet/Dimir/Azorius. Pretty sure you can climb to mythic with it but you'll have better experience with other meta decks. 


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Really REALLY fun deck. 80% winrate at diamond, I intend on bringing it to Mythic. I had most problems against other mono U decks, they will just counterspell you left and right.
Oh and that one time, when I faced Karn, I forgot I don't have any artifacts in the sideboard. I've put in some random things like Sentinel Totem, Silent Gravestone, Chaos Wand, Helm of The Host and of course God Pharaohs statue. Utility stuff.
Oh and i'm not so sure about 4 Field of Ruin, I'mgonnatryBlastZoneMobilized
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2019
Created: 01 Jun 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (13 distinct)

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