Arena Standard - Golgari Proliferate

16 34
17 13 6 24

Golgari Proliferation. Ramp mana, put counters on planeswalkers and sagas and win the game.

8 Forest 
5 Swamp
4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Woodland Cemetery
1 [[Karn's Bastion]] - Proliferate on a stick for desperate times. Maybe add a 2nd?
2 [[Blast Zone]] - Proliferate can turn this into a full-fledged board wipe very fast. Just dont hit your own planeswalkers..

1 [[Planewide Celebration]] - Your "ultimate". Very versatile. Put counters on planeswalkers, get stuff back from the grave, create blockers or gain life
3 [[Evolution Sage]] - Lightning rod, try to play this and then a land afterwards. You can play [[Blast Zone]] and directly add another counter. Combos with [[Mending of Dominara]].
4 [[Pollenbright Druid]] - Either put a counter on [[Incubation Druid]] (ramp) or [[Leyline Prowler]] (defense), or proliferate. And you get a blocker that you can sacrifice with [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]] or [[Liliana, Dreadhorde General]].
2 [[Vivien Reid]] - Very strong green planeswalker. Searching for lands works well with [[Evolution Sage]] and the ultimate ends the game.
2 [[The Mending of Dominaria]] - Combo piece together with Evolution Sage. Play this, get back a Pollenbright Druid, play a land (->proliferate), play the [[Pollenbright Druid]] (->proliferate), Mending triggers, [[Evolution Sage]] triggers some more times and you should have gotten at least 2-3 counters on a planeswalker, winning the game.
2 [[Liliana, Dreadhorde General]] - Very strong new planeswalker. Creates blockers, draws cards and has a strong ultimate.
2 [[Vraska, Golgari Queen]] - Sacrifice lands before triggering [[Mending of Dominara]], Destroy enemy 3 creatures/planeswalkers/enchantments and has a ultimate that can win the game.
2 [[The Eldest Reborn]] - Another saga that can be fulfilled in a single turn.
3 [[Assassin's Trophy]] - Extremely versatile removal against anything that threatens your combos.
1 [[Find // Finality]] - Get back your creatures or wipe the board.
3 [[Leyline Prowler]] - Strong anti-aggro card that also ramps. Very strong with some +1/+1 counters placed on it.
4 [[Llanowar Elves]] - Ramp.
3 [[Incubation Druid]] - Ramp druid and lightning rod. You can put a counter on it with [[Pollenbright Druid]].
4 [[Treasure Map]] - Card draw and more mana. With proliferation you can trigger this in two turns.


1 [[Crushing Canopy]] - Against enchantments and flyers.
4 [[Duress]] - Against control.
1 [[The Eldest Reborn]] - Against planeswalkers.
2 [[Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage]] - Against control and midrange
1 [[Arguel's Blood Fast]] - Against discard
1 [[Phyrexian Scriptures]] - Against graveyard decks
2 [[Cry of the Carnarium]] - Against aggro
1 [[Find//Finality]] - Against aggro and board wipes
1 [[Casualties of War]] - Against planeswalker decks
1 [[Leyline Prowler]] - Against aggro


Pollenbright Druid can put a counter on Incubation Droid.

Proliferate can add counters on sagas, Blast Zone and Treasure Map.

Evolution Sage and Mending of Dominaria go well together.



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Last Updated: 11 May 2019
Created: 11 May 2019
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Mainboard - 60 cards (20 distinct)

Creature (17)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (13)
Land (24)
Planeswalker (6)

Sideboard - 15 cards (10 distinct)


Maybeboard - 1 cards (1 distinct)


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