Clockwork Beast

Artifact Creature — Beast

Clockwork Beast enters the battlefield with seven +1/+0 counters on it.
At end of combat, if Clockwork Beast attacked or blocked this combat, remove a +1/+0 counter from it.
, : Put up to X +1/+0 counters on Clockwork Beast. This ability can't cause the total number of +1/+0 counters on Clockwork Beast to be greater than seven. Activate this ability only during your upkeep.

  Rivals Quick Start Set (RQS)

Illustrated by: Drew Tucker

Not Legal Alchemy BO1
Not Legal Standard BO1
Not Legal Brawl
Not Legal Explorer BO1
Not Legal Historic BO1
Not Legal Historic Brawl
Not Legal Modern
Not Legal Pauper
Not Legal Pioneer
Not Legal Traditional Standard
Not Legal Traditional Alchemy
Not Legal Traditional Explorer
Not Legal Traditional Historic


  • 2007-09-16
    Clockwork Beast's last ability resolves, you can choose to put fewer than X +1/+0 counters on it.
  • 2007-09-16
    If Clockwork Beast has seven or fewer +1/+0 counters on it when its last ability resolves, it can wind up a maximum of seven such counters on it. If it has seven or more +1/+0 counters on it, the ability will have no effect.
  • 2007-09-16
    This is a change from the most recent wording. Now, if some other spell or ability causes +1/+0 counters to be put on Clockwork Beast, it can wind up with more than seven such counters on it.
  • 2004-10-04
    Can attack or block even if it has no counters.
  • 2004-10-04
    Loses a counter even if it is affected by a Fog-like effect which prevents it from dealing damage.
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