Haze Frog

Creature — Frog

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)
When Haze Frog enters the battlefield, prevent all combat damage that other creatures would deal this turn.

Its breath leaves its prey too drowsy to struggle.

  Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE)
#187, Common

Illustrated by: Jesper Ejsing
Multiverse ID: 193569

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  • 2010-06-15
    Combat damage dealt by Haze Frog itself during the turn it enters the battlefield isn't prevented. Combat damage that would be dealt by all other creatures is prevented, including creatures that weren't on the battlefield at the time the ability resolved.
  • 2010-06-15
    If two Haze Frogs enter the battlefield during the same turn, each one's ability will prevent the other one's combat damage.
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