Fifteen amazing Kaldheim brews to try out

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By: andreliverod - 26 Jan 2021

Disclaimer: Spend wildcards on early deck brews at your own risk. The best strategy for optimizing the use of wildcards to play the strongest decks are waiting one or two weeks after the pre-release and keeping an eye on our metagame pages. With that said, if you manage to not spend any wildcards on at least one of these quality deck brews from CovertGoBlue, I commend you.


CovertGoBlue has been hard working and created fifty new Kaldheim Brews! I have handpicked 15 of them to feature in this article. But be sure to head over to his profile page and check them all out! If you want to see how they play, check out CovertGoBlue in the Early Access Event on the 27th of January. We also have several steamers from Team Aether playing, if you want to see a deck in action head over to one of them and share your decklist!

Team Aether members streaming in the early access event:

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Kaldheim brews by CovertGoBlue

Mono Red Snow

KHM Mono Green Elves

Big Green Snow Aggro


Rakdos Berserkers

Boros Weapons

Izzet Giants