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While this deck is not the most powerful, it is pretty fun and different.   Objective of the deck is to control the opponent while you self-mill. There is always the possibility of slowly killing your opponent with a Archway Angel, a Rekindling Phoenix, a Captive Audience or a Lava Axe. You ver ..Read more
Damn Fine Midrange This decklist got me from platinum 3 to diamond 1. It punishes aggro (especially red) by playing tons of low cost critters that interact with both your opponent’s life total and their creatures. Plus it’s excellent at finding sneaky ways to generate life gain.  It can easily ..Read more
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22 Jun 2019
Blakeizen's Grixis Superfriends Dragons and fire and lightning, Oh my! Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! Check out the game play on YouTube- Blakeizen's Grixis Superfriends. The video showcases the deck in action, with some game play commentary for t ..Read more
Militia Bugler       Do you remember sea monkeys? This deck is based on the same principle: just add water (or in this case red and white mana) and watch your creatures grow! In just a few short turns, you will be delighted to see your board come to life and beat your enemies to death ..Read more
Morophon, the Advisor I could never see Morophon being an advisor but he fits the role well, I mean I personally wouldn't take advice from a weird shapeshifting elk thingy but that's beside the point. Lets get to writing a petition! Part 1: Main Pieces Morophon, the Boundless Persistent Petitioners ..Read more
If you have a lot of uncommon wild cards and nothing to use them on, then you have come to the right place my friend! You've heard of a superfriends deck well this is kind of a mediocrefriends deck, instead of plansewalkers we have every guildmage... lets get to tapping! Part 1: Guildmages Assemble! ..Read more